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Working with Josey on my new website was really great. I had no idea what to do or expect but Josey’s clear instructions made the process very easy to understand. Through her guidence I am now able to take over the site and update it with ease. She listened very carefully to my needs and was very patient. Would recommend her services anytime. My website looks clean and informative and I feel safe in the knowledge that Josey has my back should I require any help in the future.



Josey, there isn’t much I can say that will do you justice. You are one of my very best friends and you are awsome. When I was setting up my webpage, you helped out tremendously (well, you did a lot, uhm… 99% of the work) and the result was stunning. You’ve been a great help in matter of computer security both on and my other computers.



Secret Project

A few years ago, a friend of mine let me into the tabletop game he is creating. Not only was I blown away, I also found myself wanting to do more than sit there waiting for the game make it to alpha. Thankfully he was welcome to suggestions, input, and any other forms of assistance I could offer. Enter my super secret project (though as you have found this page, not quite so secret any more).
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Alpha testing a tabletop

This past weekend I had the pleasure of alpha testing the very first version of a friend’s tabletop game. I can’t give much information about the system or game, but […]


Yes, my site has changed

I finally found a bit of free time to work on my personal website. I figured since it will be difficult with all the projects I am involved with to […]


Mentioned in The Guardian

Ed, a friend of mine, directed writer Keith Stuart from The GuardianĀ to me for a bit of security advice. I am very impressed with the piece he wrote, but saddened […]

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